What to Wear for your portrait

One of the most common questions I have about portraits is what is best to wear.  Clothing does depend on the style and number of people in the shoots.  I am always happy to discuss any ideas you have, or discuss the clothing you are thinking of bringing. 


Its great to choose plain clothes for your child to wear.  Avoiding any giant logos or big cartoon characters/faces.  Be aware of what shoes they choose to wear, you want to avoid anything that clashes with the rest of the outfit.  Especially if the shoes are a bright colour and the rest of the clothing is dark/muted tones. 
Bringing extra accessories for children can be a great way to get a nice varity of images.  i.e. different hats, different top etc.


When there are a few of you in the images you will want to co-ordinate your clothing (This includes if it is just two children).  Seeing if you can match your tonal range is a great way to do this (i.e. all in dark or all in light tops).  If everyone wears dark blue and one person comes in a light pink the person in the light pink will stand out in the image to everyone else and visa versa. 

Its a good idea to avoid patterns in a group image as patterns can distract in the same way as light and dark clothes, also if someone else in the family brings a clashing pattern then this will stand out too. 

Dresses and skirts can look amazing but make sure that they are long as often some of the poses will be sat down and you want to make sure that it is easy to do so.  If not then everyone in Jeans can be a good idea. 


Layers can be a great way to get a couple of different looks in one portrait.  You can have a t-shirt, under a shirt or jumper plus a coat (weather depending of course)  This allows you to have a few different colours and looks.

Time of year and colours of your location can also factor in when your choosing your clothes.  If you have chosen spring time, lighter colours, greens, blues etc can work well.  Where as in the Autumn browns, darker colours and Autumn ranges work really well.